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Various Advantages of Installing Stair Nosing Systems

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What is the most important aspect in workplaces? You might think of various facets, like employees, administration, machineries, but the most important thing that you will surely skip is the need of safety and security. Yes, employees, administration, infrastructure are important in an industrial site, but you should also consider the essentiality of risk management in these areas.

As you know, accidents would not play a siren before coming. Therefore, it is you who needs to stay alert to face every complex situation. While talking about risk management in workplace, you must know which areas of your worksite can be dangerous for you as well as your employees and clients. Though there are numerous hazardous places in an industry, but one of the most common and less considered places is stairs.

People tread on stairs, but never think that this area can also prove to be dangerous, when the foot traffic would be high. Well, restricting accidents in such places is impossible, but yes, you can sure try controlling it. To control the number of accidents in stairs, many companies have brought in stair nosing systems. Let’s see how these systems are helpful:

Resists slip and fall:

Stair nosing systems are highly beneficial. They restrict people from slipping and tripping down the steps. These systems are installed at the edge of the steps, such that the speed always stays in control. These are thin, but can effectively protect people from losing their balance during high foot traffic.

Enhances looks:

Installation of these systems can also enhance the look of your stairs. They can add an extra luster and beauty to this area. Give your steps an all new look by adding these structures.

Enables visualization even in dark: 

Another most important quality of these systems is that they allow visualization even in dark. These strips come in neon colors like yellow, which makes it prominent even in darkness. So, if you fear to climb the steps in darkness, stair nosing systems can help you come out of that.

Some nosing systems come with illumination that stars glowing when the lights go dim. These are also much popular in the market. Most of these systems can be found in theaters, because most of the time they stay dark.

Popularity of stair nosing systems is huge these days because people now understands how important is risk management. Accidents and mishaps are common to these areas, but you can take them for granted. Consider finding some solution. Well you have solution in front of you; just consider incorporating them in your workplace. Not just for your employees, but also for you and your clients.


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